Stretch Wrappers & Pallet Wrappers

Stretch wrappers are used to cover a stacked pallet of goods with a plastic wrap to provide product protection.

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Stretch wrappers maintain the stability of palletised loads during transport and storage and also provide protection against the elements.

AccuPak range of state-of-the-art stretch wrapping and pallet wrapping equipment suitable for wrapping palletised loads from small through to high throughput production environements.

Starting from very basic stretch wrappers requiring manual assistance, to a fully automatic pallet wrappers they are designed to work with all load types and are completely customisable with a wide range of options, elements and accessories that facilitate the perfect solution for your production requirements and work environment.

Each pallet wrapper is equipped with motorised per-stretch that assures minimum film consumption and features that ensure the equipment:

  • Is easy to operate
  • Can be programmed easily
  • Enables quick and easy coil changes
  • Provides smooth movements to guarantee load stability
  • Is safe to operate, and comes with

Touch screens with graphic user interface

Stretch Wrapper