Complete Turn-Key Palletising Lines

AccuPak’s turnkey palletising lines allow you to automate your palletising process for greater efficiency.

Complete Turn-Key Palletising Lines2018-08-02T15:38:38+00:00

AccuPak approach every palletising line process with the objective of improving the performance of your production processes by increasing throughput and efficiencies, while reducing waste, costs and WHS risks.

At the heart of the automatic palletising process is the robot palletiser. The robot palletiser removes all human manual handling tasks from loading a pallet and does this task with speed and precision. Standard and custom stacking patterns are available.

To finalise a palletised load and prepare it for transport, a stretch wrapper completes the line. Select from semi-automatic to fully automatic stretch wrappers, which likewise have standard and custom stretch wrap patterns available.

Concerned about safety? AccuPak also provides all the safety interlocks necessary to protect your staff from the moving equipment, including emergency stop buttons, light curtains and guard trip switches.

Palletising Overview