Four Important Future Trends in Industrial Packaging

2017-08-16T16:20:18+00:00 16th August 2017|

The key drivers shaping the future of the industrial packaging market over the next few years will be making packages lighter, safer, more shapely and more recyclable. These trends were identified by Smithers Pira, a worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains in its recent market study, ‘The Future of Industrial packaging to 2020’.  The report forecast annual growth of 3.4% for the annual industrial packaging market to US$61 billion by 2020, with Asia holdi… Read More

Why Servicing Your Packing And Filling Equipment Regularly Is Necessary

2017-08-09T16:19:14+00:00 9th August 2017|

To get the optimum performance from a car, it needs regular servicing, right?  And is regular servicing of a small car any less important than servicing a larger, more expensive model?  Of course not. The same principles apply to packing and filling equipment where the need for speed, accuracy and reduced waste has never been more critical.  Whether it’s a manually operated bagging machine or a fully automated custom-designed filling and packing line, a programme of regular servicing and pr… Read More

How To Choose The Right Bulk Packaging System For Your Business

2017-08-02T16:17:34+00:00 2nd August 2017|

If you’re looking at buying a complete bulk packaging system for your business, there are some important factors that you should consider.   And if you’re considering buying imported equipment, there are some additional questions that you should answer before making any final commitment. For example, if you are considering purchasing a machine from overseas, are you satisfied that there will be sufficient technical support or that spare parts will be readily available if required?  Who wi… Read More

Do You Need A Complete Turn Key Palletising Line?

2017-07-26T16:16:15+00:00 26th July 2017|

Do you want to save time and money for your business? A complete turn key palletising line can be an incredibly efficient way to turn your packaged products into palletised loads ready for transport. It does this by managing your entire palletising process automatically, meaning you can palletise more loads with minimal operator effort.   Speed up your palletising system A complete turn key palletising line is a fast, quiet and tireless way to manage your palletising process. It will reduce… Read More

X-Ray Inspection Or Metal Detection For Food Processing – Which Is Better?

2019-02-15T15:22:31+00:00 19th July 2017|

Safety and hygiene are always top of mind for food processors. Not only is there an important need to avoid bacteria like salmonella and listeria, but food processors also face a risk from foreign object contamination. Objects like stones can be accidentally mixed in with natural food ingredients during harvesting, and foreign objects such as plastic can be inadvertently added to a processing line at the manufacturing facility. So how do you screen your production line to minimise the risk of fo… Read More

Why hire packaging machinery?

2017-07-12T16:14:33+00:00 12th July 2017|

Hiring packaging equipment can be a wise business decision – and a growing number of organisations in a variety of different industries are taking advantage of the innovative hire options that are now available. From the retail, warehousing, food processing and mining industries to agriculture, chemical and the pharmaceutical industries, hiring packaging machinery has become an extremely popular solution. If you need packaging, filling, bagging and palletising machinery and equipment, you… Read More

The best way to establish solid quality control processes in your factory

2017-07-05T16:13:25+00:00 5th July 2017|

Quality control is essentially the process of monitoring the quality of finished products using a number of different measures. Many different approaches to quality control have been developed over the years – and these combine various elements such as statistical techniques and data, controls, strategy, communications, competence and personnel to create environments where the organisational focus is on consistent quality and meeting customers’ needs. The widespread implementation of qua… Read More

How To Choose The Best Retail Packaging System For Your Business

2017-06-28T16:12:33+00:00 28th June 2017|

Packaging is a growing industry with a recent report from Smithers Pira, a worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, predicting that the global packaging market will reach US$975 billion by 2018. However, there are a myriad factors influencing this market and if organisations in the retail industry want to remain competitive, they’ll need to be flexible and responsive to changing market demands when it comes to their choices of retail packaging. Product pres… Read More

Bulk Container Solutions For The Mining Industry

2017-06-21T16:10:40+00:00 21st June 2017|

The mining industry is becoming increasingly challenging from an operational, productivity and profitability perspective as well as in light of the heightened focus on safety and environmental considerations. One of the ways that mine operators can boost their productivity is to install an efficient intermediate bulk container solution for filling bulker bags.  These have been successfully used around the world at mine sites where precious metals such as gold ore, platinum, zircon, phosphate an… Read More

Why your business needs a Fortress Multi-Lane Food Metal Detector

2017-06-14T16:09:48+00:00 14th June 2017|

The possibility of food contamination by metal objects during the manufacturing process is of growing concern among the food industry.   It’s a real threat and one which can cost companies significantly – both financially and in terms of reputational damage and loss of customer goodwill. Not that long ago, Kraft Foods in the US recalled 242,000 cases of their Macaroni and Cheese dinners due to the possibility that some boxes contained small pieces of metal.  Also in America recently,… Read More

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