How A Robot Palletiser And Stretch Wrapper Can Help Your Agricultural Business

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Running an efficient and cost-effective packaging line is essential for operators in the agricultural industry. Introducing a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper to package and palletise products such as grain, feed, fertilisers or chemicals, can streamline the process to make it more efficient, safer, and more reliable. Here’s how a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper can help your agricultural business.


Increase the efficiency of your packaging line

A robot palletiser and stretch wrapper streamlines your packaging line into one completely integrated system, rather than forcing you to manage separate handling and pallet packaging processes. This results in a faster, more efficient packaging line, with less downtime. On top of this, a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper can operate at a higher speed than traditional palletising systems, and it will require less input from staff. Using a robot palletiser will speed up and automate your packaging line, so that your workers will be free to take on more demanding and valuable tasks.


Enhanced customisation and flexibility

Robot palletisers and stretch wrappers can be programmed to handle a variety of product types, weights, sizes and stacking patterns. Being able to manage a wide range of packaging scenarios means a robot palletiser can package bags, drums, cases, bundles, or any other type of container. If your agricultural business deals with mixed pallets consisting of multiple products, a robot palletiser can easily in-feed items from multiple packaging lines. You can also store multiple pallet patterns and switch from one pattern to another at the push of a button. This is particularly useful if you need to combine new products with current products on an existing packaging line.


Reduce waste and damaged goods

Packaging lines that require manual feeding depend heavily on your employees’ speed and dexterity. If a worker is distracted or tired, the risk of incomplete loading or mis-feeding is increased. Switching to a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper can dramatically reduce the risk of waste, as a robot can perform precise repetitive movements and it will never tire. Similarly, a robot palletiser will not drop items, bend them, or accidentally contaminate them with organic materials – so the cost efficiency and productivity of your packaging line will be maximised.


Enhanced workplace safety

When an agricultural business separates weighing and bag closing into individual operations, the work can be physically demanding and requires more time from staff. By switching to an automated robot palletiser and stretch wrapper, you can reduce manual handing – enhancing workplace safety and increasing your business’s productivity. Another risk with traditional palletising systems it that when human workers perform the same movement over and over, they become more susceptible to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. But a robot is tireless, and it will not be affected by performing repetitive motions.


AccuPak is Australia’s leading supplier for packing, filling, bagging and palletising machinery and equipment. With a wide range of robot palletisers and stretch wrappers, our experienced technicians can advise the best solution for your packaging line. To find out more about how a robot palletiser and stretch wrapper can help your agricultural business, call your closest branch today.