Why Servicing Your Packing And Filling Equipment Regularly Is Necessary

2017-08-09T16:19:14+00:00 9th August 2017|

To get the optimum performance from a car, it needs regular servicing, right?  And is regular servicing of a small car any less important than servicing a larger, more expensive model?  Of course not. The same principles apply to packing and filling equipment where the need for speed, accuracy and reduced waste has never been more critical.  Whether it’s a manually operated bagging machine or a fully automated custom-designed filling and packing line, a programme of regular servicing and pr… Read More

Regular servicing of robot palletisers ensures minimal downtime

2018-06-13T15:50:12+00:00 24th September 2015|

As part of its ongoing promotional activities, AccuPak is continuing to highlight its full service capabilities of the Fuji-Ace robot palletisers. AccuPak’s Fuji robot full service offering is geared towards keeping your robot functioning at peak performance at all times. As the Fuji robots work tirelessly (some robots working seven days a week, across two shifts loading 30kg bags at 10 bags per minute), coordinating time to service the robots is not an easy task. To keep the robot in prim… Read More