Chemical processing and containerising often require special handling considerations, especially with caustic or flammable chemicals.

Chemical / Pharmaceutical

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AccuPak has a well-established range of filling products suited to all types of chemicals and viscosities, whether liquid, gas, foaming or non-foaming.

AccuPak provides weighing and packaging solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. While pharmaceutical products are generally dry and/or powdery products and easily packaged using AccuPak’s range of baggers, chemicals vary greatly in composition and viscosity.

In packaging chemicals, AccuPak has much experience with many types of chemicals. AccuPak has a range of liquid filling machines commonly used for the paint manufacturing industry but are also used with foaming products as well. Viscous or non-flowing products are also catered for with specialised feeding systems.

AccuPak can also supply intrinsically safe equipment for chemicals which are volatile, caustic, or can explode with an ignition source.