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Dymond 80

The Dymond 80 sets new standards in x-ray product inspection. A quality solution that provides both performance and production optimisation.

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The bar is always being set higher in terms of process security in the food industry, with one of the key focus areas being the installation of control points at which products can be checked for foreign contaminants. There are many reasons why foreign contaminants get into the production process and in most cases, they pose a risk to the end user and therefore an incalculable risk for the manufacturing company.

Product inspection equipment can detect contaminated products and discharge them safely with both processes carried out automatically and documented so that the data is available in the long term for the statistical evaluation of the control process.

The Dymond 80 food x-ray inspection system can be fitted into an existing system architecture without difficulty. It can also be reset to handle new products quickly and without great expense. Operation is easy and intuitive thanks to a 15″ LCD color monitor with touchscreen display. The stainless steel housing also ensures that the device is easy to clean. The unit works automatically in harmony with the production line and requires no specially trained operating personnel.

Using the remote access service, the device can be accessed via a modem. The device status, a detailed error description and production statistics can be obtained through the modem, which in many cases negates the need for on-site servicing. To order Dymond 80 food inspection equipment, contact AccuPak today.