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Dymond 40

Offering reliability and ergonomics, the new Dymond 40 inspection unit combines high detection performances with a low power requirement.

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The new Dymond 40 inspection unit combines high detection performances to a low power equipment.

Thanks to a new design concept, the Dymond 40 machine can cover a wide range of applications and is extremely easy to be installed and maintained despite its compact dimensions.

The flexible and user friendly software interface is the result of more than 15 years of experience, gained serving the biggest food and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


  • Line height: 790mm – 1,050mm
  • Environment: 5°C to 40°C (with 500w air conditioner),
  • RH 0-90% condensation free
  • Protection level: IP-65
  • Conveyor speed: Maximum 80m/minute
  • Voltage: 230vac ±10%
  • Detection pixel size: 0.4mm
  • Detector length: 200mm
  • Maximum scan rate: 2,800 lines/second (exposure time = 350μs)
  • Minimum product gap: 10mm
  • Minimum distance between X-ray and rejector: 1mm
  • X-ray power: 70kv, 1.2ma
  • X-ray focal spot: 0.8mm
  • Software operating system: Windows XP
  • Display/computer hard-drive: 15 inch (381mm) / 250gb
  • Safety regulations: CE tick
  • Safety circuit – interlocks: SIL 3 PLE

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