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Our cutting-edge, high-performance x-ray systems guarantee continuous and superior quality control without restricting productivity.

X-Ray Product Inspection Systems

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Designed and developed to meet the most stringent requirements of foreign body detection, AccuPak’s x-ray and optical inspection systems provide far more functionality than scanning for contaminants; they also reliably perform count, completeness, deformation, and fill-level control checks.

The x-ray solutions we provide are precision engineered, state of the art devices that are exceptionally accurate and reliable.

The X-ray product inspection systems we supply perform a non-destructive analysis on each product, without altering the chemical composition or organoleptic properties of the product in any way. This analysis detects contaminants (in any type of container or package) and verifies the product’s completeness and conformity. Every contaminant with a higher density than that of the inspected products (metals, glass, bones, stones, shells, ceramics, PVC, Viton®) can be identified.

Using state-of-the-art imaging software, the X-rays are compared against various known defects, from product deformation, breakage and impurities, through to fill level deviation.

Defective products can be quickly and easily removed from your production line with the help of several different mechanisms. Plus, the high accurate ejection crosscheck control is specifically designed to monitor the ejection process. To ensure that you can demonstrate full traceability within your production line, images of any ejected products are stored, complete with date and time stamp.


Essential in a wide range of industries, X-ray inspection machines can be relied upon for the accurate detection of harmful contaminants in both food processing and packaging.

AccuPak offers the most comprehensive range of non-destructive X-ray quality control equipment, designed and developed specifically for the food and pharmaceutical industries to meet the most stringent requirements of foreign body detection.

Features and benefits

Designed with simplicity, accuracy and longevity in mind, the advantages our state of the art x-ray equipment portfolio offers include:

  • Modularity to enable fast development and integration of solutions:
    • Completely configurable belt length, depending on space and requirements
    • Easily removable components (belt, curtains, generator and detector)
  • Simple set up and user friendly operation
  • Robust, sturdy design and construction for reduced maintenance and downtime
  • A range of functionality, from basic scanners to more robust, fully integrated equipment
  • High-resolution HD-TDI camera detector technology in compact designs
  • Equipped with air cooling systems, the x-ray machines can work in a range of temperatures, without needing a water chiller
  • Cutting edge software that can facilitate a range of tailored applications
  • A hygienic, easy to clean design that stands up to even the highest health and safety standards

Our customers benefit from the first-class service and specialist skills provided by AccuPak’s team of certified Dylog Hi Tech and WIPOTEC-OCS experts. Whether you need general advice, or specific line and product support throughout the product life cycle, we are your reliable partner for:

  • Expert installation and optimisation of your equipment, tailored to you needs, for commissioning and start-up that is as stress-free as possible
  • Initial calibration, exchange, and overhaul of calibrated parts, which helps to create the perfect modularity for your application
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation to increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Repairs completed quickly with original parts to minimise downtime and prevent production line slowdown
  • Regular calibration adjustments to help ensure you continue to meet your production demands
  • In-depth employee training to help you improve efficiencies and enable your team to make equipment adjustments in-house

For more information on our product inspection equipment, get in touch today.


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