Food Inspection Software

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Yet the product inspection needs for each site varies depending on the site’s processes and procedures. For this reason, a software engineering company needs to have solid experience, but also remain flexible to meet all the needs of each site.

The software arm of AccuPak has the knowledge and experience to engineer software specifically for product inspection processes, including interfacing to a range of product inspection equipment. We have proven experience with an extensive library of standard off-the-shelf product inspection software packages, but can also provide custom product inspection software packages for any site.


  • All packaging lines
  • Food process lines
  • High-speed checkweighing


  • Up to 80 pieces per minute
  • Up to 2000 products
  • Up to 10 defaults
  • Histograms and live graphs
  • Touch screen integration
  • Photo eye input
  • Communication by:
    • TCP/IP
    • RS-232
    • TTL
  • Reports by:
    • Rejected item
    • Under weight
    • Over weight
    • Accept
    • Date
    • Product
  • Digital Output:
    • Under
    • Over
    • Auxiliary
    • Metal