Weighing & Dosing Equipment

Increase the productivity of your weighing and dosing line by accurately and efficiently measuring and dosing product at your quality control points.

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Multihead Weighers & Linear Weighers

Multihead Weigher

Accurately weigh your products at high throughput, increasing the productivity of your weighing line whilst improving output quality, particularly for…

Auger Fillers

AccuPak Auger Filler MT-EL

Precision engineered to suit a range of industries and applications, our fully-automated, easy-to-use, reliable auger fillers improve accuracy, and re…

Net Weighers

AccuPak Netweigher

AccuPak can supply a full range of net weighers for bagging free and semi-free flowing products.

Gross Bagging Machine

AccuPak GB55 Gross Bagger

AccuPak’s range of gross bagging machines provide a simple and cost effective method of bagging most types of products.