Combination VFFS & Multi-Head Weigher (compact)

Boasting a remarkably compact footprint and eliminating the need for a working platform, our combination VFFS and multi-head weigher offers substantial cost savings.

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A combination Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) and multi-head weigher food packaging machine offers a range of substantial benefits (particularly compared to investing in a separate multi-head weigher and a VFFS machine), from profits and productivity improvements, right through to the smaller floor space required. The VFFS also acts as a combination vertical form filling machine and seal packaging machine.

AccuPak’s AP-MVA series combination multi-head weigher and VFFS boasts a remarkably compact footprint and, more importantly, the total height of unit is industry leading low. This eliminates the need for a working platform to access the multi-head weigher, with the weigher fully supported by robust stainless steel ‘legs’ in the chassis of the VFFS machine.

Fully constructed in stainless steel for use in food packing environments, AccuPak’s AP-MVA series multi-head weigher and VFFS is available in configurations of either ten or fourteen weigh buckets.

A large full colour touch screen display provides access to all functionality of both machines for both set-up and operator input.


Designed for small to medium size bags, AccuPak’s combined multi-head weigher and VFFS packaging equipment can weigh and package a variety of products into bags up to 190mm wide by 230mm long.

Features and Benefits

  • Built to enhance your plant’s speed, productivity and profitability, our combination VFFS and multi-head weigher offers:
  • Simple set-up: pre-tested and configured prior to commissioning
  • Staggered dumping that avoids blockages
  • Stress-free ICT integration for accurate, timely data collection
  • Bag kicker
  • Easy, elegant operation:
  • User-friendly touch screen panel with graphical interface
  • High-end motion controller with servo system
  • Fully-automated processes
  • Tough, long-lasting, durable construction that reduces downtime:
  • Fully welded stainless steel structure (option)
  • Pneumatic end seal system avoids wear and tear on belt
  • Rounded edges prevent risk of injury
  • Robust design compliant with the most stringent hygiene protocols:
  • All surfaces in contact with the product are stainless steel
  • All parts enclosed to prevent product build-up
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

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