Bulk Bag Fillers

AccuPak’s range of bulk bag fillers and bulk bag filling systems can be customised to your exact requirements.

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Bulk bag fillers and bulk bag filling systems for all materials are available from AccuPak branches in all mainland states. AccuPak manufactures a standard range of bulk bag fillers but can also custom design bulk bag fillers to suit a client’s needs.

As well as manufacturing our own AccuPak range of bulk bag fillers and bulk bag filling systems, AccuPak also imports the highly regarded Technipes range of bulk bag filling systems that are manufactured in Italy to tough European standards. Technipes has a long, strong history with bulk bag filling systems in the flour industry across Europe and AccuPak has numerous Technipes bulk bag fillers currently installed across Australia.

The weighing-bagging line for bulk bag fillers use four loops for supporting the bulk bag up to capacities of 1,500 kg. The weighing system is suitable to any kind of product, both floury and granulated. It is comprised of four load cells holding a weighing counter-frame to which the bulk bag is hooked. Depending on the kind of product, it is possible to reach an output capacity of 15/20 bulk bags/hour.

The Technipes bulk bag filling system can be equipped with a bulk bag lifting platform and unloading/storing roller conveyor upon request. For some products, a net weight solution is available, including weighing machine plus underlying bag-spout, ensuring an output capacity of 50-60 units/hour.


Bulk bag fillers are designed for bagging almost any kind of dry product, either granules or powders, into 500kg to 1500kg bulk bags. Other capacities are available on request.

Features and benefits

  • Electronic weighing system
  • Dust tight filling spout
  • Pneumatically actuated bag strap hooks, to support the bag during the filling cycle
  • Operator platform, with handrails and steps
  • Blower to pre-inflate the bag prior to the filling cycle (optional)
  • Hydraulic lifter to automatically discharge the filed bag from the filling station (optional)
  • Vibrator to settle the product in the bag (optional)
  • Chain, belt or roller filled bag accumulation conveyor (optional)
  • Empty pallet magazine and dispenser (optional)
Bulk Bag Machine