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Service Agreements

AccuPak can provide regular maintenance visits to ensure your equipment continues to operate efficiently and effectively.

Many of our existing customers agree to regular, scheduled service visits to keep their equipment in good working order and performing accurately. We often call these agreements "service agreements", though they are not a contract and can be ended at any time.

Service agreements are often very competitively priced. We are able to plan visits in advance as they are scheduled, unlike breakdown visits that can rarely be planned. Since we are able to plan visits, we can tie the visit in with other work in the area. By sharing a trip with other work in the area, we can share the cost of the visit, so the cost to each customer is reduced (as opposed to a single, special visit).

We want to encourage our customers to consider regular, preventative maintenance to be conducted on their equipment. We prefer to keep equipment in good working order rather than have it neglected. Neglected equipment often means a more expensive and involved repair when the equipment eventually breaks down.

Please feel free to contact our Operations Managers in the branch nearest to you for a site visit or quotation. The scheduled visits can be yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or as often as you require.

Phone your nearest branch to arrange a service visit