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Breakdown Services

Weighing, filling, packaging and inspection equipment provides us with wonderful, cost-effective, and time-saving productivity. However, as always, any piece of equipment, when used continuously or for long enough, will break down and require repair.

Downtime is an important issue when a breakdown occurs. If downtime means lost money, then you need to have a repair effected quickly. We are the largest company in our industry, with a true national coverage. We have fully-staffed Service Departments in all states with service personnel that can respond to your service call promptly.

Because of our size, we are able to stock a large range of spare parts on our shelves. This means we may well have the necessary parts to effect a repair without having to order them from the manufacturer of the equipment. AccuPak also has the ability to service a broad range of equipment, brands, and models, not just the brands we regularly sell.

An effective repair can only be made by an effective service person. We continuously conduct vigorous, structured training to ensure our service personnel are both competent and effective on site.

Equipment we service

  • Packaging and bagging machines, palletising systems
  • Belt-weighers, weigh hoppers, batching systems
  • Checkweighers, X-ray machines, metal detectors

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