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Automated palletising lines

For productivity and efficiency

Robot Palletisers

Robot palletisers alleviate the need for manual stacking of bags, cartons or drums onto a pallet and are also used for increasing end-of-line productivity as well as improving the presentation of stacked pallets.

Robot palletisers are flexible with a range of standard and programmable stacking patterns available. Flexible joints and large rotation angles mean that robot palletisers can access most areas surrounding them. Their fast, tireless and quiet operation also contributes to an efficient palletising area.

AccuPak also provides all the safety interlocks to protect staff from the moving robot palletiser. Light curtains are especially useful for detecting the presence of a person in the palletising area, which immediately shuts down the operation of a robot palletiser.

Download the Accupak, Fujiace Palletising Solutions Brochure