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Automated palletising lines

For productivity and efficiency

Pallet Dispensers

A pallet dispenser is designed to automatically dispense pallets from a magazine stack to the robot palletiser loading station resulting in a continuous supply of pallets to the robot palletiser.

The pallet dispenser is operated by a pneumatic scissor-lift mechanism. This mechanism lifts the stack of pallets from the support fingers leaving the bottom pallet accessible.

The pallet magazine allows the operator to load the pallet dispenser with up to 12 empty pallets. The pallet magazine consists of a heavy-duty three-sided magazine complete with pallet guide to ensure the pallet stacks are loaded squarely and centrally to the take-away conveyor. The three-sided magazine also provides a level of safety to both operators and equipment, preventing the pallet stack from toppling over should the pallets not be stacked squarely.

The advantages of this type of pallet dispenser are that the floor space required for installation is minimal, and both the capital expenditure and overall running costs are lower with this style of pallet dispenser.

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