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Equipment Hire

AccuPak is able to hire out any of our extensive range of products. We can help you with short term contracts, long term projects, breakdown coverage, renovation coverage, trialling of equipment or processes and more. Some of our most frequently hired products can be seen below.

Combination multihead weigher & VFFS packaging machine hire

AccuPak's combo weighing/packaging machines are available for both short term hire and long term hire at very competitive rates and is the ideal solution for short term increases in production output without the need for Capital Expenditure. This combination multihead and VFFS hire machine is very compact and requires minimal floor area, but more importantly, the overall height is only 2.25 metres including the multihead weigher. The AW-MV12A combination unit offers substantial savings over hiring or purchasing both a multihead weigher and VFFS machine separately, both in monetary value and in required working area and height requirements.

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