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AccuPak is the Authorised Systems Integrator and Partner of Fortress Technology, producer of the world’s metal detectors. Fortress Technology metal detectors are renowned for their exceptional performance, simple operation, and outstanding reliability, which combine to provide you complete peace of mind. Plus, they come complete with Fortress Technology’s ‘Never Obsolete’ Commitment: detectors are always upgradable.

AccuPak’s metal detection equipment can be customised to suit any product or application. High sensitivity, coupled with precise digital processing ensures our equipment detects even the smallest traces of contaminants, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous materials in packaged food.

With built-in state-of-the-art software, your data can be quickly and easily transferred to USB, making our equipment the perfect record-keeping device for all your health and safety regulatory responsibilities.

With a great range of metal detectors available, our industry-leading equipment features extremely durable heads. These heads are used to scan products transported through the aperture via either a conveyor belt or gravity-fed through a pipe system. For installation convenience and maximised system performance, we even offer complete all-in-one detection solutions.

Standard detectors are also available in a wide range of aperture sizes or made-to-order with a selection of construction options including stainless steel, painted aluminium, and BSH extra-rugged casing.


Fortress’ metal detectors are ideally suited to companies within the food processing and packaging industry. Companies dedicated to baking, meats, dairy, prepared meals, packaged food, confectionary, frozen foods, fresh foods, powders and grains will all benefit from adding a metal detector to their production line.

The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries can also benefit from this metal detection device.

Features and benefits

Engineered to improve productivity and profits, our reliable, durable metal detection equipment comes complete with:

  • Fortress Technology’s Never Obsolete Commitment: Lifetime customer support, software upgrades and parts. This ensures you stay up to date with all food health and safety laws and regulations, and maintain superior quality control levels, without having to purchase new detectors every few years
  • Through Fortress Technology, AccuPak is the only company in Australia that can custom manufacture x-ray equipment and software to suit your needs, applications and specifications to ensure optimal metal detection with a high ROI
  • Effortless, intuitive set up and ongoing user interface:
    • User-friendly multi-language control panel interface
    • Automatic quality assurance testing and calibration
    • In-built USB port for quick and easy access to quality assurance reports, configuration settings and firmware updates
    • System set-up completed in seconds
    • AutoTest: Self-diagnostic testing
  • Sleek, modular design and durable construction for greater reliability and durability
  • Detailed data collection
  • Digital signal processing technology
  • Ultra-sensitive detection
  • Multi-level password protection

Our customers also benefit from the superior service and specialist skills provided by AccuPak’s team of experts. Whether you need general advice, or specific product support, AccuPak can deliver:

  • Expert installation and optimisation of your equipment, tailored to you needs, for commissioning and start-up that is as stress-free as possible
  • Initial calibration, exchange, and overhaul of calibrated parts, which helps to create the perfect modularity for your application
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation to increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Repairs completed quickly with original parts to minimise downtime and prevent production line slowdown
  • Regular calibration adjustments to help ensure you continue to meet your production demands
  • In-depth employee training to help you improve efficiencies and enable your team to make equipment adjustments in-house

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