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Through OCS, AccuPak supplies superior quality combination metal detectors and checkweighers that deliver unmatched performance and outstanding inspection results.

Manufacturers need reliable, precise automated inspection systems that can continuously guarantee product quality, without restricting profitability or productivity. AccuPak is among the leading suppliers of inspection systems worldwide. Our globally recognised, cutting edge, high performance metal detectors and checkweighers ensure that your quality assurance program cannot be compromised.

Our metal detectors and checkweighers automatically inspect every item in detail to ensure they are free of contaminants and contain the exact weight listed on the packaging. Units with an incorrect weight are ejected into a separate container.

The machines are easy to use and customise, controlled via the intuitive touch display, and are linked together by cutting-edge software. Once integrated, they work as a highly efficient ‘set and forget’ automated system.


Our state-of-the-art metal detectors and checkweighers are the perfect choice for a huge array of applications. With a hygienic, easy to wash down design, our machines are robust and reliable enough to satisfy the demand of the food processing industry, right through to heavy industrial applications.

Features and benefits

Built to enhance your plant’s speed, productivity and profitability, our combination metal detector and checkweighers offer:

  • Space savings on your production line, given its compact all-in-one design
  • Flexible, fully-customisable component design
  • Either a single or dual-track system, to suit myriad applications
  • Simple set-up: pre-tested and configured prior to commissioning
  • Easy, elegant operation:
    • User-friendly touch screen panel with graphical interface
    • Fully-automated processes
  • Tough, long-lasting, durable stainless steel construction that reduces downtime
  • A balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with C-shaped product area, enable thorough cleaning quickly and easily
  • Scanners that meet the most stringent standards of hygiene
  • Long-life camera technology

Our customers also benefit from the superior service and specialist skills provided by AccuPak’s team of experts. Whether you need general advice, or specific product support, AccuPak can deliver:

  • Expert installation and optimisation of your equipment, tailored to you needs, for commissioning and start-up that is as stress-free as possible
  • Initial calibration, exchange, and overhaul of calibrated parts, which helps to create the perfect modularity for your application
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimisation to increase the lifespan of your equipment
  • Repairs completed quickly with original parts to minimise downtime and prevent production line slowdown
  • Regular calibration adjustments to help ensure you continue to meet your production demands
  • In-depth employee training to help you improve efficiencies and enable your team to make equipment adjustments in-house

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