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Liquid Filling

The AccuPak range of liquid fillers is available with a variety of options to handle almost any product. The unit is totally electronic, from the load cells to the weigh indicator, which allows seamless interfacing with on-site computer management systems if required.


  • Fill types: Top fill - generally used for non-foaming products. Bottom fill - used where foaming products may cause problems.
  • Fill method: Two-stage filling with readily available adjustment provides fast, accurate, and reliable weights. The system can also accommodate three-stage filling if the product requires an initial slow fill.
  • Nozzles: These can be supplied for most sizes of containers. Each is fitted with a wiper ring and drip cup preventing container contact with the product if bottom fill is utilised.
  • Pumps: Stainless steel centrifugal pumps as used with appropriate seals.

Weigh controller

  • The Rinstrum series of Australian-made controllers is utilised.
  • Maximum 99 preset product memories.
  • Totalised container count and weight for each memory.
  • Average fill weight for each memory.
  • Average error per fill for each memory.