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Complete Turn-Key Bulk Packaging Line

When considering the purchase of a complete bagging machine line, there are a number of important factors to take in to consideration. Some systems can be purchased from overseas. While these systems may appear to fulfil your requirements, consider what will happen if the system requires repair in the future. Can the system be expanded as your business expands? Technical support and spare parts for your imported machine may be limited.

Some of our competitors in Australia state that they can provide complete turn-key packaging lines, but the reality is that many of these companies do not specialise in bagging machines, and their designs are often a hybrid of a variety of equipment which doesn't integrate well together.

AccuPak has many turn-key packaging line installations across Australia, many satisfied customers, and many years of experienced success in the packaging equipment industry. We get it right at the design and development stages so our turn-key systems work seamlessly on site.

AccuPak also provides all the safety interlocks necessary to protect your staff from the moving equipment.

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